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Javascript - proper tag

IE 3 pixel hack

Absolute Positioning


Special Characters - "View Source" to copy this code

Input fields

CSS - Inline

CSS - Internal

CSS - External

CSS - Import



Top Margin


Creating a Null Link

No Script

Fullscreen modes



Styling <hr>

Form input field widths

Preformatted Email

How to remove programs from Startup

Remote Desktop

JS Alert

CSS text nowrap

Domain transfers

Send text messages to a cell phone

SEO tips

Photoshop inverse technique

Photoshop - Resizing techniques

Photoshop - Make your own patterns

Photoshop - Seamless tiles for web backgrounds

Photoshop - add vignette, non-destructively

How to remove a border from a page in Word

How to open animated GIFs in Photoshop CS4

How to create a formula in Excel

Vanishing Point

Fully expanded menus in Word & Outlook

Wrap Text around graphic in CorelDRAW 11

Excel - text wrap

TextPad replace expression

Recycle Bin - When You Cannot Delete File

First try SHT-Delete, then
Use DOS command rd c:\recycler /s
Restart PC
Empty Recycle Bin

Using IE to FTP - invalid as of IE8

In browser address, type ftp://username:password@domain.com
or ftp://username@domain.com

How to Grow Facebook audience


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